Saturday Concert


We are playing at a street fair in Central Falls, RI at 6:15 Saturday, July 11. We will be at the corner of Charles Street and Roosevelt Avenue. (A very short distance from the Chinese Church on Roosevelt Avenue in Pawtucket)

Most of us will be asked to drive past the venue and park in the lot od “Storage America.”

Those with very heavy instruments and equipment are asked to drop off what needs to be left and continue to the parking area.

I have included Mapquest directions and a map, but here are the simple directions.

  1. 1)   95 North to exit 30

  2. 2)   Left at light onto  East Street  (which soon becomes Roosevelt Avenue)

  3. 3)   Just over the river stop at Charles only if you must unload

  4. 4)   Storage America is our parking area

East Street off
of 95 exit 30

East Street becomes Roosevelt

Storage America


Charles Street


Band Shirts 
Short Pants

It will be hot!